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Absolutely key to the festival’s success has been the development of a strong brand identity, and unique large-scale commissions that have driven word-of-mouth with a focus on quality and experience.


Main goals:

  • Have a Strong vision
  • Build a contact
  • Find out main opportunities
  • Do all this with right team

We Offer

  • Web: Create or update website, blog, Facebook and any other relevant social media sites
  • First Invite: Send out direct mailer “save the date’s” to your target audience
  • Event Calendars: Post event to local event calendars in community newspapers, magazines and websites
  • Mass Email: As event details emerge, continuously email contact lists to provide updates

Posters/Fliers: Put up posters around town and hand out fliers at community events to spread the word

  • Promoting your Festival
  • Logistic & Planning
  • Define Your Festival Concept
  • Top Tips for your Festival