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Georgia is an amazing country with unique culture, ancient history, delicious cuisine and hospitable people.

This is a country you want to come back again and again. “Infinity Georgia” is leading Travel agency in Georgia. We differ from others by efficient response, individual approach.

Competitive prices and the best service provided according to our Client’s needs, in full and in a timely manner. Using our experience and established contacts, we will make your trip or event memorable, and in accordance with your wishes. We organize seminars and business meetings on different topics for individuals and for groups. Take the stress out of event management by hiring “Infinity Georgia” to look after all your event management. Corporate events, trainings, meticulously arranged seminars and team building activities.

  • Order tickets, transfers, meet and transfer to hotel;
  • Booking rooms in hotels and boarding houses of different comfort levels;
  • Organizing conferences on topics of your business;
  • Staff to coordinate and service your event (guides, escort, secretaries and translators);
  • Coffee breaks, lunch, dinner (choice of menu, the selection of food and drink);
  • Reception of delegations from different countries, including visa support and transportation services;
  • The organization of workshops at any level of complexity;
  • Corporate tours for you and your staff; Organizing trips of any duration;
  • Organization of events (Team-building, retreats, thematic, cultural, sports) that will make any business trip unique;

Business tourism and business travel is increasingly aiming for original activities that complement working life. The difficulty lies in determining a competitive offer and satisfying the traveler seeking rest, work and effective care. A new way of working that can open new expectations