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Surprise for a 6 Million Tourist – Georgia

Lucky tourist given VIP treatment and dinner with Prime Minister after becoming 6 millionth person to visit Georgia. The unsuspecting visitor was treated to luxurious food, fabulous wine, music,

Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method

Qvevri wine-making takes its name from the distinctive egg-shaped earthenware vessel -- the Qvevri -- in which wine is fermented and stored in villages and towns throughout Georgia. The tradition

CNN – Is Georgia the world’s cradle of wine

CNN – Cave tourism in Georgia

CNN's Ivan Watson explores how tourist development might affect a history of quiet in

CBN News – Christianity’s Roots in the Republic of Georgia

It was famed novelist John Steinbeck, who while traveling through the Soviet Union in 1947, referred to Georgia as a kind of second heaven. No, we are not talking about the state in the U.S., but the

Street Food Around The World: Tbilisi | National Geographic Adventure

Plot: Tbilisi, formerly known as Tiflis, is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Mtkvari River with a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. Focusing on

A Photographer Revisits the Forgotten Land of Song | National Geographic

National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey travels back to Svanetia, a remote region of Georgia, to revisit the people and the place that inspired his future career. Re-reading journals full of

GEORGIA | Kakheti Region

Georgia has protected its artistic heritage and been able to maintain the vibrancy of its unique traditions. It has conserved a biodiversity greater than that of some continents, and has a magnetism

Discovery Channel Southeast Asia – Georgia | Anthony Bourdain “Hangovr Soup”

About Discovery Channel: Discovery Channel brings you the best of real-world entertainment that is both visceral and experiential. We make you lean forward, as you journey with us across the globe,

CNN – Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper try super spicy wings

Over chicken wings, Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper talk about the Republic of Georgia's move away from its gangster past. "Parts Unknown," Sundays

Euronews – Kakheti: Georgia’s cradle of wine

Kakheti is Georgia's main wine-producing region in the country's east. Wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8,000 years, which, archaeologists say, makes Kakheti the cradle of