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Discover Georgia in 22 Days



Sulfur Baths

Fed by naturally hot mineral waters the sulfur baths have been an essential part of life in Tbilisi for centuries. The brick-domed underground baths were built in the 17th century and produce 3 million liters of water every day. To make your visit complete, make sure to have the invigorating massage. High in sulfur and other minerals, with a constant temperature of 38oC to 40oC, the water have long been used as a therapeutic aid for a range of illnesses including skin conditions and arthritis.


Legvtakhevi Waterfall

It is hard to imagine that next to the bustling Old part of Tbilisi, within just several meters from the Sulfur Baths Houses you can discover Legvtakhevi gorge free from city noise, nice place to relax. Only noise you can hear in the gorge is sound of waterfall flowing from over 20 miters height making the gorge cool and pleasant especially during summer days.


Rike Park

Rike Park is a public recreation area of the city, popular with families especially in summer. It sits on the left bank of the Mtkvari River, under the gaze of the Presidential Palace. The park is easy to access from the Old City via the glass and steel pedestrian Peace Bridge.


Cable Car ride from Rike park to Narikala Fortress


Narikala Fortress

Narikala Fortress overlooking the old part of the city and the banks of the Mtkvari River stands proudly on a hill as a sentinel of Tbilisi. Climb up on the fortress or ride a cable car to enjoy panoramic views over the old city.


Day trip to Mtskheta

Located only 20 km north of Tbilisi, ancient capital Mtskheta is a perfect destination for a day trip. At the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Mtskheta is the cultural and religious center of Georgia. Due to its significance and myriad historical monuments the city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Explore the streets of the city, sail in the boat to enjoy views from the river or drive up on the top of the hill adorned with 6th century Jvari Church overlooking the old capital offering spectacular views on the city and its surroundings.


Departure to Kakheti

Kakheti is unquestionably a must-see for any visitor to Georgia. With its generous landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, wine culture and people, Kakheti offers an unforgettable experience to its first-time visitors and those who are well acquainted with its heart-warming culture.


Perched on the hill Signagi is probably one of the most fascinating towns not only in Georgia, but in the world. Encompassed with the wall it is the pleasant place to walk and enjoy spectacular views on the Alazani Valley. Handmade local souvenirs displayed in the streets make the city more colorful and enjoyable. Signagi is called “City of Love” and there is reason to it –24/7 marriage registration service is available in Signagi public service hall.

Depature to Kvareli

Overnight at Kvareli Lake Resort or Royal Batoni


Kvareli Lake Resort

In the heart of Kakheti, one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, beneath the southern slopes of Great Caucasus mountains the unique and beautiful Kvareli Lake Resort spreads over 300 hectares. The virgin forest surrounding the resort, the lake in the front, vast Alazani valley in the backyard and large hotel rooms each equipped with small terrace and beautiful panoramic views, make Kvareli Lake Resort a unique place to stay.


Royal Batoni



Gremi Church

16th century architectural monument of Gremi – the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels is located southwest of the present-day village of the same name, on an elevated spot. The complex is what has survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi that was the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti in the 16th and 17th centuries. The monument is one of the best examples of the late medieval Georgian architecture dating the 16th century.



The complex in Tsinandali, former property of one of the prominent Georgian noble family of Chavchavadze, embraces the memorial house, a landscape garden, a historical winery, wine cellar, hotel and a café. In XIX century the estate used to be very important cultural center and gathering place for Georgian noblemen. Nowadays it frequently hosts various exhibitions, concerts, cultural events and master classes.

Overnight at Chateau Mere near Telavi

Days 5, 6, 7


Tusheti is an unforgettable remote mountain destination and is one of Georgia’s hidden secrets. It is nestled in the Caucasus Mountains, though it is not mere mountains or valleys, but the people and cultural heritage found here that form the impressive ambience of this place. Rivers and waterfalls are on every step, as you travel in Tusheti. You will be admired by green pastures, high velvet mountains, pine and mixed forests. Tusheti is a real paradise for hiking, trekking, bird watching, horseback riding and throwing a glimpse into pre-Christian beliefs.

Day 7 - Departure and overnight in Tbilisi

Days 8 - 9

Shatili and Mutso

Located at an elevation of 1 400 m, some 150 km north to Tbilisi, village of Shatili – one of the outstanding monuments of Georgian architecture, is very popular destination among Georgian as well as international tourists. The village represents fortified dwelling towers and houses spread on the steep cliff. Once you are in Shatili make sure to visit another pearl of Khevsureti region – Mutso which is 12 km away.

Day 9 - Departure and overnight in Tbilisi

Days 10 - 11

Accommodation at the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi



About two hours’ drive north from Tbilisi will take you to Kazbegi, heart of Caucasus Mountains. It is a very popular year round destination full of historical monuments, natural wanders and stunning landscapes. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from the hotel veranda or visit sights within only several minute drive from Kazbegi


Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Located in Northern Georgia across the valley from the iconic 5,047m Kazbegi Mountain in Stephantsminda, the original Rooms Hotel was opened in 2012 in a former Soviet center for regional tourism packages and expeditions. Today, the hotel, together with its restaurant, bar and casino, make up the epicenter for the region’s tourism offering modern and stylish accommodations and distinctive design concept that embraces the historic legacy of the building and destination’s past.

In and around Kazbegi


Arsha and Gveleti Waterfalls


Arsha and Gveleti Waterfalls


Gudauri View Point


Gergeti Trinity Church

Day 11


Stalin Museum

One of the most visited museums in Shida Kartli, Stalin State Museum opened in 1957 is located in the center of Gori. It includes the memorial house where Stalin was born, a museum building with a tower and Stalin’s personal carriage he used to visit Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. There are about 40 000 unique exhibits displayed at the museum, including Stalin’s personal belongings and collections of paintings, photos, films and other important historical works and items.


Uplistsikhe Cave Town

The large complex of Uplistsikhe has been inhabited from pre-Christian times. Set on a hill overlooking the Mtkvari River for centuries it served as an important trade center on the historic Silk Road. Today a small chapel perches on its summit and draws tourists and locals alike.

Departure to Borjomi



Borjomi - one of the most well-known health resorts with exceptionally diverse nature and unique mineral water is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, within an hour and a half drive from Tbilisi. Medicinal properties of these springs were recognized since ancient times. The water is sourced from a 1,500 year old volcanic spring. Drinking it helps to cleanse the body from toxins and reinforce the immune system.


Overnight in Borjomi

Day 12

Rabati Castle and Vardzia Cave Town


Rabati Castle

Built in the 9th century Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe is located on a hill and proudly overlooks the town. The Castle is one of the most important touristic attractions not only in the region but also in the whole country. Within the complex you can found historical museum, cafes, shops, hotel, tourist information center, etc.


Vardzia Cave Town

The cave town of Vardzia cut into steep cliffs above the Mtkvari River valley, climbs up thirteen stories. Containing around 250 caves, the royal complex was founded in 13th century. The caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred metres and presents one of the popular tourist destinations.

Overnight in Borjomi

Day 13

Departure to Kutaisi

Kutaisi is Georgia’s second largest city after Tbilisi. The elegant, tree lined streets stretching down to the banks of the Rioni River, along with several attractive parks, make Kutaisi a very beautiful place to stroll around and see some of the many sights. The central square in Kutaisi focuses on the large ornamental Colchis Fountain that emphasizes regions rich archeological heritage.

Free time

Overnight in Kutaisi

Day 14

Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is located just 6 km North-East from Kutaisi. Its cliff-setting is spectacular. Situated dizzily high above the ravine of the Tskhaltsitela River (meaning Red Water), the monastery offers awe-inspiring views of the river and the surrounding countryside from a number of buildings it consists.

Okatse Canyon

Okatse canyon, one of the major tourist attractions in Imereti region, is located at an elevation of 520 meters above sea level. Total length of the canyon reaches 2 km. Its depth varies from 20 to 100 meters. Above the canyon there is newly installed metal pathways and look-out points that offer visitors unforgettable experience.

Day 15

Overnight in Kutaisi

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave is one of the Georgia’s natural wonders lying within 20 minute drive from Kutaisi. It is one of the richest caves not only in Georgia but also in Europe characterized by the variety of underground rivers, lakes, stalactites, stalagmites, solidified waterfalls and stone curtains.

Martvili Canyon

Martvili canyon is one of the most spectacular natural monuments in Georgia. It is rocky wetland, magnificent gorge with canyons, caves and waterfalls that the river Abasha has formed for hundreds of thousands of years. Total length of the canyon is 2 400 meters, it is 5-10 meters in width and the depth goes down to 20-30 meters. In the middle of the canyon one can discover 12-15 meter waterfall.

Departure and overnight in Zugdidi

Day 16

Departure to Mestia, Svaneti


This small town in Svaneti has recently been developed as a new ski resort. Famous for its stone towers, beautiful landscapes and mountains Ushba (4 690 m) and Tetnuldi (4 858), it has always been a popular summer destination for adventure and cultural tours.

Day 17



This UNESCO World Heritage Site within 40 km from Mestia, Ushguli is a picturesque and exceptionally remote village, unique not only for its amazing collection of medieval towers, but also its altitude – 2 200m. As one of the highest villages in Europe, it spends much of the year snowed in. On a clear day it looks straight into the face of Georgia’s highest mountain, Shkhara – 5 068m.

Overnight in Mestia

Day 18

Departure to Zugdidi

Dadiani Palace

Dadiani Palaces History and Architectural Museum is located in Zugdidi and is surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden. It houses some interesting exhibitions like manuscripts from 13th – 14th centuries, miniatures, memorial relics of Dadiani dynasty including objects connected to the emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte

Overnight in Zugdidi

Day 19


A high-mountain health resort of Bakhmaro is located in the hollow of Guria mountains covered by pine and fir trees. The unique character of Bakhmaro climate is formed first and foremost by its location. Resort is open to the West and thanks to that, the gorge is invaded by warm sea winds that ensure formation of soft middle mountain upper belt climate

Overnight in Bakhmaro

Day 20

Departure to Batumi


Batumi is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations on the Black Sea. City’s old and modern architecture, its historical port, serene botanical garden, Seaside Boulevard, European square and streets – not to mention its world-class hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars – make up the face of modern Georgia.

Evening walk in Batumi


Piazza Square


Europe Square


Statue of Ali & Nino


Miracle Park


Batumi Boulevard

Overnight in Batumi

Day 21


Gonio fortress

Gonio fortress is a Roman fortification 15 km south of Batumi. The oldest reference of the fortress appears in the1st century AD. According to ancient historians in the 2nd century AD it was a well-fortified Roman city within the Kingdom of Cholchis. The town was also known for its theatre and hippodrome. Nowadays the site is one of the main tourist destinations in the region attracting lots of international and domestic tourists.


Cable Car Ride

Don’t miss Batumi’s one of the most popular attractions – cable car ride to enjoy the spectacular views over the Black Sea, the city and its surroundings

Overnight in Batumi

Day 22 – Departure and overnight in Tbilisi


  • Transfers from/to the airport
  • Transportation per the tour program
  • Cable car fees in Tbilisi and Batumi
  • Guiding service
  • Entrance fees to museums, canyons and caves
  • Accommodation
    • Tbilisi – 5 nights (BB)
    • Kvareli – 1 night (BB)
    • Telavi – 1 night (BB)
    • Tusheti – 2 nights (BB)
    • Shatili – 1 night (BB)
    • Yazbegi – 1 night (BB)
    • Borjomi – 2 nights (BB)
    • Kutaisi – 2 nights (BB)
    • Zugdidi – 2 nights (BB)
    • Mestia – 2 nights (BB)
    • Bakhmaro – 1 night (BB)
    • Batumi – 2 nights (BB)